The foundation of Noel Isherwood Architects dates from 1984 in London. The current form of practice was established in 2010 by Chartered Architect, urbanist and artist, Noel Isherwood RIBA. Based at the Environment Centre in Swansea since 2017.

Our focus is on three key design areas: architectureurbanism and visualisation.

We set out to guide you through the architectural, urban design and visualisation processes necessary to achieve regulatory approval (such as planning consent, listed building consent and building regulations approval) and offer advice on how to build in an environmentally responsible way, appropriate to your goals and aspirations.

We can also show how you can add value to your project, in the immediate, mid- or long term.


We are a professional team, with UK-wide experience and have the administrative support needed for us to dedicate ourselves to serving our clients. We aim to ensure your projects will be in safe hands for their entire duration.

We provide you with the professional architectural services needed to bring your project safely to completion and to be enjoyed in use.

Our team is equipped to provide architecture, urbanism and visualisation services with the technical expertise needed to ensure that your project converts from an idea to reality with the best professional guidance.

Noel Isherwood RIBA - Principal

Living and working in Swansea, Noel has been a Chartered Architect since 1984. He studied Architecture at Canterbury School of Architecture and won the Third Year RIBA Student Prize. Following this he studied at the Architectural Association in London, including urbanism, where he received his AA Diploma.

Noel has worked on numerous architectural projects, particularly in the private residential, including historic buildings sector, but also in other sectors, and has contributed to urban design projects and studies in collaboration with specialist consultants. He has extensive experience in bringing together diverse stakeholder interests to produce realisable visions to create low carbon communities and sustainable buildings on brown field, green field and heritage sites and has led workshops with and for the Prince’s Foundation and others to assist in the delivery of Neighbourhood Plans with local communities across England. More recently he has partnered on a high street regeneration project in Swansea.

He has lectured extensively, internationally, on sustainable architectural and urban design and taught Urbanism at postgraduate level on a part time basis at the University of Cardiff and the University of South Wales.

He has also co-authored the “Strasbourg Report, Regaining the public realm,” available here: https://www.academia.edu/23526879/Strasbourg_Regaining_the_public_realm

He is also an artist, a proficient architectural and urban illustrator and watercolourist.





We believe that more than ever, people need to be central to the design of living spaces. The future is likely to bring a search for greater connection in which living, working, learning and playing fuse together seamlessly. A search for belonging will see a move away from isolated nuclear living to village based urban models that encourage togetherness while preserving individual privacy and independence. 


A sense of belonging which we all crave is much enhanced by the quality of the space we live in. This also includes the quality of the place around us – the setting.  For this reason we practice a full range of design disciplines from start to finish: concept, architecture & urban design. Our ‘Ten Steps to Sustainable Place Making’ explores this and can be downloaded from this website in a number of places.


We believe in building with natural systems. For us this includes use of high thermal mass to naturally control the heating and cooling rhythms  of the building and improve thermal efficiency. We advocate natural insulation and breathability to control moisture movement and internal air quality. Efficient building forms such as terracing and lofts helps with energy efficiency  while robust detailing ensures  good weathering characteristics. Urban locations reduce car dependency.  

Projects And Services


As an experienced team of architects Noel Isherwood Architects dedicates itself to providing clients in need of a new, extended or refurbished building, with the professional architectural services they need to bring a project safely, sustainably and cost-effectively to completion, according to the current RIBA Plan of Work.

Our practice has wide experience in the residential / housing sector, but also in the arts and community, commercial, ecclesiastical and healthcare sectors and of working with historic (including Listed) buildings, including in conservation areas and of interior design. Our team also has experience in the education sector, and of working on projects in world heritage locations.


Noel Isherwood Architects also has a team of experienced urban designers with the ability to take you through the steps necessary to regenerate or enhance a city quarter, neighbourhood, town centre, village, brownfield and/or to develop over a greenfield site.

These steps may include Masterplanning, Public Realm Design Guidance, Characterisation Studies, Urban and High Street Regeneration, Enquiry by Design and more.


A Drawing still tells a thousand words. In the age of computer generated imagery and CAD, a good drawing still holds its own. 

Painting is a way of exploring the world visually and allows the artist to look beyond their normally respected, self imposed boundary’s.

We have wide experience in the residential sector, but also experience in the arts, community and charitable, commercial, ecclesiastical, education and healthcare sectors and of working with historic buildings, including listed buildings in conservation areas and world heritage locations.

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