We are highly experienced urban designers and architects with the practiced ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the process of developing a master plan or community action plan for any area, urban or rural. With the need for developers to demonstrate support for their proposals, there is a greater need than ever before to carry out meaningful engagement with all the significant stakeholders.

It is imperative that developers know firstly how to engage with communities and secondly how to involve them in the planning and design process. Each country in the UK has it’s own take on this. Only this will achieve the level of participation that is meaningful and effective in taking projects forward.

In England there is the ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ (SCI’s); in Scotland the ‘Participation Statement’, and in Wales, ‘Community Involvement Schemes’ (CIS’s). The process of creating a masterplan however large or small, which applies good urban design skills, is thereby considerably enhanced and will result in greater buy-in and more effective planning applications.

We have been involved in the production of many masterplans and Neighbourhood Plans in England and with the equivalent process’s in Scotland and Wales, which can be seen from the case studies. We can bring this experience to projects that require full and effective engagement.

We can act for neighbourhood forums, local authorities and private developers or consortiums coming together who wish to effect change to improve the quality of life and the wellbeing of their neighbourhoods.

Our urban design services include, masterplans and strategies for settlement regeneration, urban and rural extensions, neighbourhood plans, public realm design, architecture and design codes.


Noel is brilliant. We’re so happy that he’s our architect and we have complete trust in him to do the right thing on our projects. We also like that he has an understanding of Urban life and this reflects in his work and he is an artist which to me adds creatively to his outlook for the finalising of the drawings. - Pauline Hawkes

The clients, Adrian and Pauline Hawkes, run Phoenix Community Care a charity to assist unaccompanied minors and a fostering service in the London Borough of Haringey. Their ambition is to integrate people back into the community in the context of arts and cultural events.

You refer to the project to demolish the old church building and build a completely new Church on the site of the old one for Cholmeley Evangelical Church in Archway Road, Highgate, London N6. The project was a successful one and was undertaken at an early stage in your professional career. The building is still looking good. It is continuing to fulfil the brief we gave you and to accommodate the inevitable changes in our needs which have occurred since then. It has needed only the expected routine maintenance over that time, which is a tribute to your specification! The fact that the building featured in the AJ, Building Design and was included in the Annual Open House catalogue is a tribute to your design. - Gerald West

Gerald was the chairman of the Elders and Trustees of the Church and acted as project manager over the pre-contract, contract and post contract periods.

Conversion of a grade II listed 18th Century time frame, 4 storey weavers terraced house from domestic use to offices. A two storey addition was sensitively added at the rear of the property, the design of which was negotiated with English Heritage during the planning application process. The front of the building was restored to tis original design and internal paneling was upgraded to half hour fire resisting by agreement with English Heritage. The building was successfully sold on completion to an investment company. - David Saunderson

David ran a financial company based in the City of London whilst running a property company from Smithfield Market area on the fringes of the City.

Noel Isherwood Associates were contacted at a late stage in mid October. Their challenge was to renovate and fit out new office accommodation in Central London for the 150 staff that were to be employed in the company by the end of January the following year. With no time to spare they were responsible for the design and project management. They assisted us to establish the brief, the budget and the programme. Also, they nominated the main contractor, communications, security, and furniture sub-contractors.

Considering these constraints, we did not have the luxury to doubt the ability of our consultants. Our total confidence in the team that Noel Isherwood Associates assembled was mandatory. Naturally the pressure existed, but once we had started we were never in doubt that the team would meet the targets established by the required dates.

If the same circumstances arose again I would have no difficulty in again, using Noel Isherwood Associates and the team they assembled. - Christine Ayer

Christine was at the time the owner and managing director Cega Ltd a successful IT company based in Clerkenwell London which merged with RTS Networks UK Ltd which then gave rise to the need for this project.

Noel has a real depth of understanding and a track record in building communities based on an extensive portfolio of facilitation in design and development in communities across the UK. - Peter Davies

Peter Davies: Is chair of ‘The Size of Wales’ and former Commissioner for Sustainable Futures (Wales).


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